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5 Ways in which Writing is Social

*Rapid clicking* She pecked furiously at the keyboard, her pupils dilated from staring at the screen’s bright light for so long. She hadn’t talked to anyone all day–if you didn’t count her characters. They...

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Movies That Should Be Books, Part 3

Hello, there, again! If you’ve made it to part three of this series, I’m flattered that you’re probably liking my movie interpretations. You probably know already that I have a knack for reading movies...

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What Exactly Do I Put in a Poetry Journal?

When we think of “writers”, we tend to think of the short story and novel writers. We tend to ignore non-fiction writers and even completely disregard poets at times. It’s unfortunate because classic poets have...

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How to Write Dialogue: Formatting

As I started to work on my character development, I had to keep in mind that dialogue is a key feature to understanding a character. How they speak can reveal much of their demographics–let alone the content of their conversation. If you didn’t know that, you know it now.

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Literary Speed Dating: Flowers for Algernon

The fascination, confusion, curiosity, sadness, anger, disappointment, pride, devastation, happiness–all of it. Algernon yanked me by the hand and took me on every ride the emotional fair had to offer. That tells me, though, he’s an excellent catch.