About Me

I’ve been writing cliche stories since middle school, but finally graduated to slightly mature writing in college. Writing has actually been such a huge part of my life that I actually dedicated two degrees to becoming a secondary writing teacher.

When I started teaching, I noticed that Language Arts are underestimated.
  • Students struggling to write effectively
  • Teachers struggle to make writing authentic for the kids
  • Readers are limited to what is “good for them” and “quality”
  • Young writers are discouraged from creative writing
  • Even parents expressed distress when writing to other adults.
What happened to the abundant appreciation and prestige that comes with literacy and the writers who preserve our pasts, presents, and futures?

Writing is one of the most powerful forms of communication. In fact, I personally believe it is even more important now with social media–instead of less so–because social media is predominantly written posts to others. We have to understand that there is more to writing and reading than just literary elements. We also have to embrace that communication is a skill that can be improved with practice. So, I made it my mission to help with just that.

But, with marriage came major change, and I became a stay-at-home wife. To cope with the productivity withdrawal, I rediscovered how much I love creative writing. Plus, I’ve become a writing blogger and writing community leader to supplement my writing hobby and career goals.

Despite the professional setback, I’m hoping my digital efforts to connect with writers, readers, instructors, and students will serve the same purpose.
When I’m not writing,
  • I’m preparing for my first son (coming in November 2018)
  • Helping my husband find his Army gear
  • Crocheting on the couch with my two fur babies
  • Piecing together a puzzle to litter my walls
  • Attempting to journal to the sound of my murder documentaries

Until I can get back into the classroom, of course.

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