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Story Planning

Story Idea Logistics
Use this outline when you first get your ideas so you can start thinking about the basics. It will help you get an idea of where you want this story idea to go and its end goal.

Characterization Resources

Character Guide
Use this guide to better understand your character and his/her world. Everything from appearance to life values.

Detailed Character Dossier from Epiguide
Use this fill-in-the-blank to detail everything from age to sleeping habits about your character.

Plot & Conflict Resources

Pixar Plot Starters
Use this guide to break down the conflict of your story. The simple sentence starters will help guide you through the plot structure in 6 manageable chunks.

The Marking Progress: Organizing Plot and Conflict Workbook is here! Download and print the PDF for your personal use today! Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions.

Writer’s Wisdom – Newsletter Topics & Resources


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