4 Things to Remember When Someone Doesn’t Like Your Writing

“...You can (1) cater to everyone's opinion and then you'll have a bland book written by committee, or (2) you can adjust a little here and there simply to make it more marketable or (3) you can decide to write what you please and damn the rest. You do what works best for you. I suggest you go with either option 2 or 3, because you cannot please everybody.”

— Holly Bargo

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2 Responses

  1. Kellyn says:

    Thank you for posting this. It’s my first time here, and this is great. I’m having trouble finding my writing community. I honestly have no idea where to begin.

    • A Wise Woman says:

      Hi Kellyn. I’m glad you’re enjoying the content. I would recommend writing communities on Facebook and Google+. Personally, I’m very involved in the Writers’ Coffeehouse on Google+ the most and it has been a wonderful experience these past 7 months. The Writers Helping Writers group on Facebook is responsive, as well.

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