The Writers’ Coffeehouse

The Writers’ Coffeehouse is a writer-run writing community dedicated to helping writers from any page.

  • #CoffeehousePrompts to practice writing
  • #CoffeehouseTalks to discuss writing and publication
  • #CoffeehouseSupport to reflect on and improve writing
  • #CoffeehouseChallenge to practice active writing lifestyles
  • As well as humor, inspiration, recommendations, and resources.

Not only do you get to discuss and support the writing craft, you meet a variety of authors–from every background–with whom you can connect. Even published authors!

Featured Members

writers coffeehouse member victoria m patton crime series author

Victoria M. Patton
Damien Kaine Series
Crime Fiction

writers coffeehouse member amanda staley Malcolm Stone series author

Amanda Staley
Malcolm Stone Series
Children’s Literature

writers coffeehouse member kimilene carr romance author

Kimilene Carr
Summer Moments
Romance Author


This was by far one of the best writing groups I was in…if your on or join & in the …I hope they start it here on Twitter.

Victoria M. Patton

I’ve been part of other writing communities though this is the only one that I’ve been able to actually interact and exchange thoughts and ideas with other writers as well as the support here, for me so far, has been great. I do like the writing prompts and I like participating in discussions…

Kimilene Carr

I appreciate the use of the help section, because the last community I was in didn’t have one and I don’t know anyone who has experience with books. Overall, the many different options for posting sections are very useful and helpful.

Alena W.

Meet us over at any of these platforms!writers coffeehouse writing community on google pluswriters coffeehouse writing community on twitterwriters coffeehouse writing community on facebook