Better Storytelling

Yo! Wanting to creatively write, but aren’t quite sure where to start? This is where ya wanna be right now! Check out these lovelies to learn the basic literary elements of better storytelling!

Did you know that characters are representations of what we perceive as humans (even when they aren’t)?

You don’t say?

Oh, I do. Crazy, right? This also means that everything–for the most part–that applies to humans will apply to fictional characters, too.

Must everything be so complicated?

Yes. It must…Just kidding. It seems more complicated than what it is. There are four main ways that we come to understand a person when you think about it. Because of that, writers should use the same four things–sprinkled throughout the story–to help us understand their characters. Well, if the characters are human-like.

If you can get these four things down, you’ll develop those dynamic and rounded characters the reader needs to live a new life for the next however many pages.

Life really sucks sometimes.

Preach it!

Well, hold on. It is true, life sucks. But, on the other hand, that suckage doesn’t usually last our whole lives. Actually, if we work at it, the conflicts that we face in life eventually bleed into awesomeness later–if we’re patient enough. The same goes for our characters. Some of them start in the suckage and others enter it by the rising action. In any case, when they make that critical decision or do that pertinent action during the climax, it’s coasting down the hill toward a better place at the bottom of the mountain.

That’s what I’m going to hit on: how important conflict is to a story when trying to get your character and plot to progress. It’s more than having a bunch of events happen; those events have to mean something and come from something. Otherwise, your work has no real substance that helps the reader live a new life during those pages.

So, how are you feeling about writing a better story? Got any questions?

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