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When I wrote and published my first chapbook, it was a journey like no other. There was very little information on how to edit poetry and write a chapbook. I had to rely on information from novelists, my teaching experience, my scholarly studies, and my own intuition to make sense of whether my book was ready to enter the world or not.

I realized, as I immersed myself deeper into the online poetry community, that I wasn’t the only one who was having this problem. Being the teacher I am, I wanted to help others share their poetic voice and have confidence in their work. I decided to create a short ebook on what I did to successfully get my chapbook out into the world. And here it is.

Breaking down how to organize, edit, beta, and publish your book to Amazon’s KDP program, I lead you through all the same steps I took to get a polished book ready for publication. Read and write with confidence that you will one day hold your own book.

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One thing I love to do is journal–especially about my reading and writing. It was when I filled up my poetry journal and went to start a new one that I conceived the idea to make one that anyone could use.

Inspired by bullet journaling, I thought a book where poets can record, reflect, study, and create is perfect for ANYONE who loves writing poetry. So, I sat down at my chromebook, opened my program, and created a simplified version of my own journal to share with other poets.

If you are a poet, or any kind of writer, I encourage you to have a journal for your craft. And this one for poets is just the beginning!

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