The School of Storyology

While it’s liberating to impart wisdom unto others, nothing beats learning from others, too. And, from what I understand, I’m not the only ”wise one” in this topic. 🙄 In any case, I feel like it’s an asset to myself and my storyology peers to have a supportive place for us all to communicate on appropriate topics.

Thus, the School of Storyology is born!

If you haven’t learned from some of my posts, I’m a huge proponent of synchronous and asynchronous niche communities. Prior collaboration in a writing community has inspired me to lead a simplified version for both sides of the page (reading and writing). While not a full community, with personalized portfolios, our Reddit-like format still allows a bit of freedom. So join in!

If you do decide to participate with us, please:

  • Use English. I know not everyone’s perfect, but try your best. That’s the predominate language for our participants.
  • Proofread all your commentary. If you can’t even spell and punctuate, very few of us will take you seriously. Try the free Grammarly app and computer download.
  • Be specific and relevant. Only talk about the topic under which you are posting. Commentary on anything else should be expressed elsewhere.
  • Do not advertise or market. Unless asked about it, we’re not currently interested. There are appropriate times to share your services and products, but not outside of that.
  • Avoid vulgarity and explicit/graphic content. There’s no censorship on your writing or anything, but if the commentary doesn’t absolutely call for it, it’s unnecessary (though, sometimes, it really is needed!)
  • Engage and support one another. If someone is struggling, help; if someone is knowledgeable, request help; if someone is lagging in the conversation, prompt him/her. Remember, a community means we work together.

I invite any MATURE adolescent and adult to work with us (any younger may not assimilate too well). This a non-discriminatory and non-judgemental forum. Any failure to comply will commentary and membership deletion and blockage.

For once, I agree with your candid intolerance.

I’m glad you do, ‘cause it’s gonna be there even if you don’t!

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So you know, I will not use your information for anything beyond this forum registration. No, I don’t sell it, share it, stalk it, or any other treasonous activities. Still suspicious? Read my Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy.

Alternatively, you can view the posts without registering, but you can’t share or post. Basically, you’re just a creeper watching us all talk…

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