How to Create a Novel Soundtrack and Why You Should Do So


My passion for storyology started at a typical young age, but with a desire to do it forever. That's why before I started my true writing journey, I taught writing and reading in high school classrooms in AZ. Later, I started writing part-time toward a goal of being published. All the while, trying to help others like me with my storyology blog.

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10 Responses

  1. Jamel Feder says:

    I enjoy posts that fill in your knowledge gaps. This one is of the sort.
    I also enjoy how the author organized his thoughts as well as the visual component.

  2. Azucena says:

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  3. I LOVE making playlists for my stories. I’m both ways where I can listen to soundtrack but also songs with lyrics. I use Spotify for all my playlists.

  4. Christina says:

    I totally agree! I’ve done it for years! Some times I’ll hear a song and go “That’s it! Exactly!”

    • Nia Wilson says:

      Same here! There’s even some songs that click and I never would have thought it would until it does. Music is one of those inspirations that really does make the world go round—in and out of our heads.

  5. JazzFeathers says:

    I do do entire soundtracks for my novels, but I do have characters’ songs. and yes, that is definitely inspirational 😉

  6. Leila says:

    Omg why are you so right? I wish this was actually a thing. Like written in to be a part of the book, next to the ignored dedication page. This is why I grew up reading great fanfiction, they had playlists!

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