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Thought of in 2016 and pursued in 2017, this story is more of a sweet romance set in a small shop owned by an older couple.

The protagonists are pets-turned-humans who can barely speak English, let alone help run a bakery. But their willingness and desire to please their “human” couple makes them excellent apprentices and people for the job. If only they can figure out how to express their feelings for each other just as easily!

In 2018, I scrapped the first draft of the story and completely changed it around. Yeah, I know. But, the second conflict adaptation has made the story stronger and more relatable for you all. 

Still in process, it will go live on Amazon and other outlets on January 3rd, 2020.

This story came to me while listening to The Script’s album Science & Faith. It’s an erotica set in a weekly-pay hotel in a rundown side of town.

A former soldier decides to spend the last of his days, as he intends them to be, playing Russian Roulette during his drunken manias. Those habits start to become a problem when he starts a fiery fling with his neighbor who wants to know him as a person. Battling nightmares, alcoholism, and suicidal tendencies–let alone a concerned “friend” of sorts–Tyler drowns out the world with sweat and booze until a different kind of bomb blows him from his personal trenches.

Despite my obsession with the story, it took me an entire year to actually start writing the story. When I did, it all came pouring out after many dreams that pieced it together.

When not working on Humaning, I’m working on this. So, I’m in hopes of finishing the draft and publishing in the next few years.

Concept cover created in 2019; this is NOT a cover release.


After having my first child, I started to see my mental struggles in a new light that made a deep connection with the nature around me.

I delve into the symptoms of those battles when fighting mental illness of any kind. Each represented my landscapes and weather, I supplement with important information for others to understand and support their suffering loved ones.

Considering I’m fighting daily, the poems bled from my souls like a fresh wound once I started. It took me months to organize and finish, but it finally happened. On May 31st, I finally finished the manuscript and submitted it to the Anhinga-Robert Dana Prize for Poetry Contest in hopes of having it professionally published. Unfortunately, I was rejected on November 1st, so I decided to self-publish.

Now you can buy it as a paperback or eBook on Amazon.

As I started writing To Be Ill, I reflected on the fact that I’m not only identified by my mental state. There is more to me on the inside and outside. Considering that, I began to write another line of poems.

More of a memoir-style, the poems about my ethnicity are common experiences to the average Black American (not African American, mind you. That is different considering African immigration!) Capturing these past and present memories, I look inside at a pride and shame of being something I can’t control. Nevertheless, the book does inspire the same in those who read it–in my opinion, at least.

Unlike my other poems, these are more straightforward with fewer hidden meanings. Though, there are some. I’m still in the middle of the poem process so far.

Despite my occasional poem inspiration, this poetry compilation is not as much as a priority as my other WiPs. Nevertheless, I do plan to publish this one in the next few years, as well.

Concept cover made in 2019; this is NOT a cover release.