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TEACH•ER is someone who helps others acquire knowledge, practice skills, and critically think.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to be certified to be one. These blog posts can help you help anyone with skills and strategies you can use to help anyone understand the world and its narratives.

Posts “for teachers” are going to look at pedagogy to learn and teach others about the world and their role in it and its resulting stories. Not only will they address teaching itself, but also:

  1. our natural inclination to teach;
  2. its role in the world and understanding it;
  3. how we can teach anyone about something we know well;
  4. what we can teach others that will help them to think critically; and
  5. current trends in pedagogy for various ages.

Being a certified teacher and curriculum coach myself, I recommend curriculum and strategies based on my experiences and studies. With this, I encourage you to challenge yourself, challenge others, and build more skills for communication. Just like the definition, they will hopefully inspire you to acquire knowledge, practice skills, and critically think about the topics. In the perfect world, from it, you’ll learn something new every day.


How to Write Dialogue: Formatting

As I started to work on my character development, I had to keep in mind that dialogue is a key feature to understanding a character. How they speak can reveal much of their demographics–let alone the content of their conversation. If you didn’t know that, you know it now.