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STU•DENT is someone who researches, studies, and writes about a particular topic and/or area, formally (for an assignment) and informally (for kicks).

But, you don’t have to be paying for classes to enjoy these blog posts about how to study, its effect on our lives, and story understanding.

Posts “for students” are going to look at studying and its role in the world and storytelling. Not only will they address studying itself, but also:

  1. our personal and professional need for it;
  2. how it helps us to understand the world;
  3. how we study in a creative manner;
  4. what is typically ignored in formal studies; and
  5. current trends in educational systems.

Being a student (formally and informally) myself, I pose ideas based on my research. With this, I encourage you to find out more, continue to be a lifelong learner, and connect it to your life. Just like the definition, they will hopefully inspire you to research, study, and write about the topics. In the perfect world, from it, you’ll learn something new every day.


How to Write Dialogue: Formatting

As I started to work on my character development, I had to keep in mind that dialogue is a key feature to understanding a character. How they speak can reveal much of their demographics–let alone the content of their conversation. If you didn’t know that, you know it now.