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READ•ER is someone who reads formally and informally to learn about a topic, people, and/or life.

So, you can be a reader whenever you want and enjoy these blog posts that question what it means to understand people and the world through stories.

Posts “for readers” are going to look at concrete and abstract concepts and their roles in the world and in storytelling. Not only will they address reading itself, but also:

  1. our psychological draw and aversion to it;
  2. how it helps us to understand the world;
  3. how we can enjoy and tolerate it;
  4. why it’s important to read and write stories; and
  5. current trends in reading topics and genres.

Not really being an avid reader myself, I do “read” texts and other formats of stories. With this, I encourage you to find out more, continue to be a lifelong learner, and connect it to your life. Just like the definition, they will hopefully inspire you to read formally and informally about the topics. In the perfect world, from it, you’ll learn something new every day.