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The HU•MAN CON•DI•TION is something that explores, engages, and enacts human existence.


So, you can be a human whenever you want (except when we do something that puts you to absolute shame) and enjoy these blog posts that question what it means to be human and live a better existence.


Posts “for humans” are going to look at abstract concepts and their roles in the world and in storytelling. Not only will they address lifestyles itself, but also:


• our psychological perception of it;

• how it helps us to understand the world;

• how we can practice it in productive ways;

• why it’s important to critique and change; and

• current trends in self-interests.


Being a retired human myself, I problem solve based on my experiences and studies. With this, I encourage you to find out more, continue to be a lifelong learner, and connect it to your life. Just like the definition, they will hopefully inspire you to explore, engage, and enact a better life. In the perfect world, from it, you’ll learn something new every day.