Poetry Chapbooks

After having my first child, I started to see my mental struggles in a new light that made a deep connection with the nature around me.

I delve into the symptoms of those battles when fighting mental illness of any kind. Each represented by landscapes and weather, I supplement with important information for others to understand and support their suffering loved ones.

Considering I’m fighting daily, the poems bled from my soul like a fresh wound once I started. It took me months to organize and finish, but it finally happened. The first book I ever published, I carry the most pride in this one and what I think it can offer the world.

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In 2019, I joined a poetry challenge for the Halloween season. 31 days, a poem a day. I had my work cut out for me and had never been challenged like so. Not only was I having a write a quality poem each day, I had to write in a genre I loved, but never wrote before. My friends encouraged me and I’m so glad they did.

31+ poems later, I had learned new dynamics in poetry and really immersed myself in the form that October. I completed the challenge and had yet another opportunity to reach out to the public about mental awareness in a new way.

With a word related to traditional horror or thriller themes each day, I twisted the idea of insanity to match! Yeah, I know! It was so fun and I feel like it really took the idea great places for people to relate to that feeling of madness when they just can’t control the things that are off in their life.

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As I started writing Naturally Abnormal, I reflected on the fact that I’m not only identified by my mental state. There is more to me on the inside and outside. Considering that, I began to write another line of poems.

More of a memoir-style, the poems about my ethnicity are common experiences to the average Black American (not African American, mind you. That is different considering African immigration!) Capturing these past and present memories, I look inside at a pride and shame of being something I can’t control. Nevertheless, the book does inspire the same in those who read it–in my opinion, at least.

Tentatively releasing in 2021!