Writer News

10 November 2019 – My chapbook is now available for purchase!

Well, I did it! You can purchase the Naturally Abnormal poetry chapbook on Amazon as a Kindle ebook or paperback!

01 November 2019 – Doing NaNoWriMo with Click

Camp NaNo was so successful in July with helping me finish Whatever It Is, I decided it would be perfect to tackle my second work in progress with the full-fledged NaNoWriMo. I’ve done the event once before with another novel but never won. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck this time!

01 November 2019 – My chapbook was rejected…

If you remember, I had submitted my mental health symptom and awareness poetry chapbook to a contest that would have published it in May. It was today that I received my official rejection. While this would typically be a sad occasion, it’s an opportunity for me.

I’ve decided I’m going to publish the book on my own. I worked very hard on it and I feel it’s important to get out to readers who are battling the same illnesses. Keep an eye out for its release!

18 October 2019 – “Humaning” (Whatever It Is) is finally finished!

I’m so glad I did the July camp because I’m not sure I would be able to say that now! It’s short and sweet at only 32k words, but that’s okay. There is still much to add and do with it! Decided it’ll be out in January.

13 October 2019 – Cover created and title changed!

With only three chapters left in the first draft of Humaning, now Whatever It Is, I finally got a chance to see what the story has become and decide a true title and REAL cover for it. Considering how simple I wanted it, it took barely any time, but I’m very excited. At this rate, I’m hoping to publish in Winter 2020, and do a cover reveal no later than December!

Keep up with progress and the reveal on my author Instagram, @aniakiplan.writer.

01 October 2019 – 31 Days of Halloween Poetry Challenge

Of course, I had to get in the spirit with my writing, too! As much as I wanted to do the writer’s edition of Inktober, this challenge developed by my two poetess buddies (@purgetraumapoet and @mikkihendrix) was just too good in prompts to pass up!

I’ll be posting my poems on my author Instagram every day, all month!

01 July 2019 – Started re-writing Humaning for Camp Nanowrimo!

If you read about the novella on My Writings page, you’ll know that I scrapped the original draft of this story and have planned a stronger version with the same characters. If I’m able to finish the first draft, this will be the novella I will publish in the next couple of years. 

Read more about the story and its evolution over at My Writings.

31 May 2019 – Entered the Anhinga-Robert Dana Prize for Poetry!

If I win (which I won’t know until November!), I’ll get

  1. $2000, which I will use to fund the self-publication of one of my novellas.
  2. A reading tour of selected Florida colleges and universities, where I will try to have some signed copies for you all.
  3. Publication by the Anhinga Press, which will be on sale on their website as chapbook hard copies. 

Wish me luck!